In the picturesque landscapes of Sai Kung, where the city’s pulse meets the tranquil waves, there exists a haven pulsating with loyalty, family, and love. Catherine’s Puppies, under the compassionate guidance of Sai Kung’s Person of the Year (2018), Catherine Lumsden, stands as a testament to the transformative power of adopting, not shopping.

About Catherine’s Puppies: A Sanctuary of Love

Catherine’s Puppies, nestled in Sai Kung, is more than just a shelter; it’s a sanctuary built on the pillars of loyalty, family, and love. With a small but dedicated team, led by the visionary Director Catherine Lumsden, this haven rescues dogs and provides unwavering care until they find their forever homes.

Adopt. Don’t Shop: A Pledge to Change Lives

“Loyalty. Family. Love” isn’t just a slogan at Catherine’s Puppies; it’s a guiding philosophy. The blog post explores the profound impact of choosing adoption over shopping for a pet. By welcoming rescue dogs into their homes, individuals become part of a transformative journey filled with loyalty from the dogs, the creation of a new family, and the boundless love that emanates from these furry companions.

Heartfelt Invitation to the shelter

The doors of Catherine’s Puppies shelter swing open daily from 11 am to 4 pm, inviting all those seeking to adopt, volunteer, or contribute to the well-being of rescue dogs. WhatsApp messages to 6799 7530 are welcomed for information and inquiries, creating a channel for the community to connect with the heartbeat of this compassionate sanctuary.

Volunteer and Donate: Nurturing the Sanctuary

Catherine’s Puppies thrives on the support of volunteers and donors. The blog post sheds light on the ongoing need for individuals who are passionate about making a difference to contribute their time, skills, and resources. Each act of volunteering and every donation becomes a crucial element in nurturing the sanctuary’s mission.

Catherine Lumsden: A Woman of Distinction

The post also pays homage to Catherine Lumsden, the driving force behind Catherine’s Puppies, who was rightfully recognized as Sai Kung’s Person of the Year in 2018. Her dedication, vision, and compassion have paved the way for countless lives to be changed through the transformative power of adoption.

Join the Movement: Loyalty. Family. Love.

As we unravel the heartbeat of Catherine’s Puppies, we extend an invitation to join the movement – a movement that celebrates loyalty, embraces family, and showers love on those who need it the most. Together, let’s amplify the impact of adopting, not shopping, and build a community that resonates with the heartbeat of Sai Kung’s sanctuary for dogs in need.