Welcome to Catherine’s Puppies, a haven nestled in the scenic landscapes of Sai Kung, Hong Kong, where the heartbeat of compassion resonates through every wagging tail and loving gaze. Founded by the remarkable Catherine Lumsden, honored as Sai Kung’s Person of the Year in 2018, our shelter embodies the values of loyalty, family, and love, creating a sanctuary where dogs in need find hope, care, and a pathway to forever homes.

Our Mission:

At Catherine’s Puppies, our mission is clear: to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs, offering them a second chance at life filled with love and companionship. We believe in the transformative power of adoption and advocate for the well-being of every canine companion that enters our shelter.

A Compassionate Visionary: Catherine Lumsden:

Our journey begins with Catherine Lumsden, the driving force behind this haven of love. Recognized as Sai Kung’s Person of the Year in 2018, Catherine’s dedication, vision, and compassion set the tone for a shelter that goes beyond traditional rescue efforts. With her leadership, Catherine’s Puppies has become a beacon of hope, shaping the lives of dogs and the community that surrounds them.

Loyalty. Family. Love: Our Guiding Philosophy:

These are not just words; they are the foundation upon which Catherine’s Puppies stands. The philosophy of loyalty, family, and love permeates every aspect of our shelter. From the moment a rescue dog enters our care to the day they find their forever family, these values guide our actions, decisions, and the nurturing environment we provide.

Adopt. Don’t Shop: Changing Lives, One Dog at a Time:

We firmly believe in the power of adoption. Choosing to adopt from Catherine’s Puppies is more than bringing a pet into your home; it’s a commitment to changing lives. Each adoption is a celebration of loyalty from our dogs, the creation of a new family, and the boundless love that blossoms between our furry companions and their human counterparts.

Our Shelter: A Home of Compassion:

Located in Sai Kung, our shelter is not just a facility; it’s a home where the heartbeat of compassion reverberates through every kennel. Open daily from 11 am to 4 pm, we invite you to visit, connect, and become part of the nurturing atmosphere that defines Catherine’s Puppies.

Volunteer and Donate: Join the Heartbeat:

Catherine’s Puppies thrives on the support of our community. Whether you’re looking to volunteer your time or contribute to our mission through donations, your involvement becomes an integral part of the heartbeat that sustains our shelter.

Join Our Movement: Loyalty. Family. Love.:

As you explore Catherine’s Puppies, we invite you to join our movement – a movement that celebrates loyalty, embraces family, and showers love on those who need it the most. Together, let’s amplify the impact of adopting, not shopping, and build a community that resonates with the heartbeat of Sai Kung’s sanctuary for dogs in need.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, we are making a difference, one wagging tail at a time.